Can Outsourcing Increase Your Profits?

By Tawney Gorrie

In order to save money, many entrepreneurs start out wearing all the hats necessary to run their business. This may be necessary in the beginning, but as the business grows, continuing to juggle all those hats can become an obstacle to growth by consuming valuable time and tarnishing the image of the business and the owner. If this sounds like you, continue reading to find out how outsourcing can increase your profits.

To begin, think about why you got into business in the first place. What was it that excited you? What did you look forward to doing each day? How many hours each week are you currently spending on these tasks? Chances are, the tasks that excite you are also the tasks that you are really good at. These are your money makers.

Now, think about the tasks you avoid doing. You probably procrastinate because you really don’t get any enjoyment out of these tasks and they drain your energy. But eventually you sit down to tackle them, enduring all the pain that comes with them. Unfortunately, these likely aren’t where your strengths lie, so doing these tasks yourself can end up projecting an unprofessional image while consuming a great deal of your valuable time. What is your time worth?

The bulk of your time and energy should be focused on creating opportunities to use your money makers (i.e., the things you are great at). Every other task should be outsourced to someone who can do it better and faster than you. Not only does this create more time for you to focus on your profitable skills, it also allows the experience and expertise of others to build a more professional, polished image for your business.

So next time you sit down to do that task you count as drudgery, imagine what life would be like if someone else was doing it for you. What would you be doing instead?

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